onsdag 21. april 2010

Hiking with good friends

Vi kan jo gå opp dit og da...
Dancing good friends

Being a dog is a wonderful life..
Mattis is the darker one, a happy boy, and my Frida is the lovely blondie.
The Atlantic Road from an other angle
Atlanterhavsveien fra en annen synsvinkel

Mrs Hestiaverden is the photographer of the nest pictures
when we try to be models...not easy..

A lovely hike like always

More hiking at Hagemor Fotosafari

3 kommentarer:

Ninni sa...

Skjønt bilde av dansende hunder!

kay ellen sa...

Wonderful hike and beautiful landscape!!
So nice to meet you~~
Warm hugs from Southern California:)

Kay Ellen

Ann sa...

That dog walk was fantastic,I really enjoyed it. Especially like the photo with the dogs dancing.


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