mandag 30. august 2010

Dogwalk at the countryside

My friend and I decided that we would walk my Frida along the road this time.. Usually we have to be aware about the cars along the way...But suddenly three cows strolled along towards us..
I like cows..I like all kind of animals....but this was super-cows...and they were not afraid at all...

They were quite pretty...and knew it...But they were big...and very close...someone claimed that they couldn't be that big because they obviously didn't have any thing to get milk from...(couldn't find the English word)
Well...I didn't listen to her...
Anyway, we survived...

4 kommentarer:

Regina sa...

Wonderful world!
Great captures my friend.

Have a lovely new week.

BraCom (Bram) sa...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos

Have a nice week,
Greetings, Bram

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J Bar sa...

Greta shots.

Julia sa...

Hei Hagemor. Jeg ser at du følger bloggen min, og tusen takk for det :) Vil bare si at jeg har endret navn fra til Har startet med blanke ark :D

Koselig blogg du har forresten!!

Hilsen Julia


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