onsdag 22. juni 2011


Regnet øste ned når Fridasnuppa og jeg var på tur i dag…og når man har Retriever betyr det kun én ting…gjørmebad…

The rain was pooring down when Fridadarling and i walked in the forest today. If you have a Retriever…you’ll know what to expect…mud-bath



Gjett hva som hendte da vi kom til denne dammen…kan bare tenke med hva som ville hendt om jeg får gjennomført drømmen om basseng i hagen…

Guess what happened when we came to this pond…I can only imagine what life would be like if I realise my dream of an pool in my garden..


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Eva Cathrin

5 kommentarer:

Leora sa...

Oh, I can understand the temptation. It's a lovely place for a bath, if one can call that "bathing." Maybe sloshing about in the water and mud would be more appropriate.

Magical Mystical Teacher sa...

Som lite basseng i skogen virker som det perfekte stedet å være!

Judy sa...

I used to have a retriever, and I always said my favourite air freshener was "eau de swamp", because he had to have a swim in the marshy river. There are some things you put up with for love, and that was one.

Karen sa...

I love walking in the rain. That's a terrific shot of your dog running!


I bet your fur baby had the best of times ever that day!!

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