onsdag 10. august 2011

Wet wet wet

Last week I partisipated in a kayak course. It was really exciting and fun.


This is the ocean outside the Atlantic Road….and England is thje next island…



We had to rollover to practise entering the boat again


Loved loved loved it! The Atlantic Road behind me here


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Eva Cathrin

4 kommentarer:

Kim, USA sa...

You are very brave girl I can't do that ^_^

Watery Wednesday

EG Wow sa...

I have kayaked only on fresh water and it was fun there too. I bet it's a bit different on salt water.

Fotobloggen 2011 sa...

Looks nice and it's goog taking a course before going out there alone or with friends. It's so quiet and peaceful

wenche`s hage/ hobby sa...

Tøff du e :) Skal jeg i kajakk må det være grundt :)


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