tirsdag 13. desember 2011

Gatelangs i SørAfrika 3


Noen flere blikk fra Kappstaden før vi drar videre. Her er en diamantsliper på jobb bak en tykk glassvegg.

Some more moments from CapeTown before we move on. Her is a diamond grinder at work behind a thick glass wall.


Denne trenger vel ikke så mange ord..


Jeg blir så fascinert hver gang jeg ser disse Agapanthusene og Aloe-plantene i midtrabattene.

Dette er i byen Stellenbousch.

I get fascinated every time I see theese Agapanthus and Aloe-plants in the middle of the roads.

This is in the city Stellenbousch.



Neida, det er ikke helt vanlig at Snekkeren går rundt med veske..han har bare fungert som bærer når jeg har lagt på alle fire og knipset bilder.




Jeg likte virkelig sjøsiden nedenfor hotellet vårt i CapeTown

I really enjoyed the seaside by our hotel in Cape Town




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Eva Cathrin

8 kommentarer:

J Bar sa...

Beautiful shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

EG Wow sa...

Ah! Lovely!

Gemma Wiseman sa...

Wonderful views! Love the tumbling waters!

NixBlog sa...

Fantastic shots!

Genie sa...

Hi...I am Genie from VA and tis is my first visit to your blog. Your is one of the reasons that my photography blogging is so special. I get to see and learn about places in our world I will never be able to visit. I have heard of Cape Town all of my life, burt now you have given it a beautiful face for my through your pictures. It is lovely...all the flowers and the architecture., the people and the workers. Thanks for introducing me to another side of our world tonight. genie

Deb sa...

awesome photos....so glad I stopped by....


Beautiful....love the plant photos and in America we call that flowering plant [the last photo you've shared] Blue Plumbago.

ATCHAFALAYA SWAMP PHOTOS is my link for today. Hope you can find time to visit with me.

2sweetnsaxy sa...

Great shots!


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